Why Jewelry Designed For Costumes In Movies Qualifies As Art

There are many levels of craftsmanship when it comes to jewelry design. Some jewelry is made to fill a need. For example, a store might tell a jewelry that silver is in, and demand more inspired silver pieces. Or they may tell a designer that chunky jewelry is out, and fine, delicate pieces are hot in the market. This dictates what the designer gets to do, and how they will work. However, with film the rules change. Instead of consumer demand, a designer is filling a much more specific and yet wildly freeing request. They are asked to construct a piece that will be used to accessorize a character, and add depth to a movie. This is true art! This is art because the piece they create could be symbolic, it could help to tell a story, and it can enhance a characters personality.

Great art is symbolic of something much larger than the physical piece itself. Films use jewelry to display symbolism. This was true in The Hunger Games movies, in which Katniss Everdeen’s mocking jay pin was used to symbolize strength and freedom. The designer of this particular piece for the film was Dana Schneider. This pin is used over and over again in the Hunger Games movies, because it represents ideas that are pivotal to the film’s plot.

Jewelry designer for costumes used in movies help the film creators tell a story through visuals. In this way, the jewelry has to be designed in a way that is accurate and makes the viewer feel that they are seeing something real taking place. The movie’s costume design will either deliver an authentic experience, or not. Skilled jewelry designers will be able to reproduce historical designs, or imagine worlds of fantasy. They will help to make a story come alive for a viewer.

A movies’ costume design team in in charge of dressing characters in a way that display the character’s personality for all to see. In a book, a reader can read all about back story and get inside a character’s head. But in a movie, the viewer can only pick up the information that is presented, and often that does not include narration or back story. Information is conveyed visually, and the details of a costume help with this transmission. The jewelry designers job is to understand the character, and come up with designs that they would wear. The designs must be expressive and true to the character. This takes an artist’s sensitivity and abilities, and is one way that talented costume designers gain favorable reputations among production teams.

Jewelry design is like any form of creativity. There are levels! The jewelers that rise to the level of movie costume design are creating true artwork. Their art has many facets and levels. Unlike the jeweler who is stuck creating an order for more inspired silver pieces, or dainty gold necklaces according to a specific trend, the costume designer has to create with much more in mind. They must think about character development, story telling, and symbolism.

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