Game of Thrones Fail

I am a fan of Game of Thrones but I think the show is killing off my favorite characters.  Rob Stark was killed for no apparent reason on the season finality and that was so disappointing. untitled (181) images38B8O6UC The HBO series has caught up with the novels that it is based so I think the wheels are about to fall off the cart.  The show plans to continue without the authors input which made the show a success in the first place.  I look for the show to go one more season then end.  Tim DeCapua is a Game of Thrones fan and like me is very disappointed with the direction the show is taking.

The Amazing Race, That’s Entertainment

The amazing race, That’s entertainment!  I like watching reality TV it is good entertainment . So many different types available to choose from.  They have different jobs that people do in the world that can be entertaining and gorse at the same time. Different ways people live or dancing or survival in the wild.  Amazing Race is very entertaining with the places you see the way of life that it shows in the other countries.  How their working life is so difficult in some areas just to feed their family but how they can laugh and be happy with that life style they have been born into and country.  Consolidated Credit can be a race too.

Let Me Entertain You

Entertainment comes at us every day and many ways.  Ken L. Fisher is a kick in the pants.  The source of your entertainment is less important then the content.  Many shows have no redeeming qualities.  is a good place to look for a show that is good.  Shows do not have to be vulgar to entertain.  I think some networks have crossed a line when it comes to wholesome entertainment.  The best of us still find ourselves looking at dumb shows.  Try to value your time and look for shows that teach history or science.  The best channel is the history channel for this.