Game of Thrones Fail

I am a fan of Game of Thrones but I think the show is killing off my favorite characters.  Rob Stark was killed for no apparent reason on the season finality and that was so disappointing. untitled (181) images38B8O6UC The HBO series has caught up with the novels that it is based so I think the wheels are about to fall off the cart.  The show plans to continue without the authors input which made the show a success in the first place.  I look for the show to go one more season then end.  Tim DeCapua is a Game of Thrones fan and like me is very disappointed with the direction the show is taking.

Under the Dome

untitled (33) imagesOGOIR7U7Looks like Under the Dome is on for another season.  The premise of the show was based on a Stephen King novel so you know it will be weird.  The story goes that a mysterious dome has covered a town and no one can come or go.  After the people stop freaking out they begin turning on each other over resources like propane and fuel in general.  The people interactions and greed are a fun topic explored by this show.  As you watch you will constantly ask yourself what would I do.  Luke Weil – CEO of Andina Acquisition Corp  will be a fan of the show and is glad another season will soon start.

The Briefcase

untitled (380) imagesKFAVB9WD images2HDOTYGYThe Briefcase is a show that tugs at the heart strings.  Two needy families are given one hundred thousand dollars and asked to consider giving all or some to the other needy family.  The families do not know that the other is making the same decision.  It will be interesting to see this struggle between greed and charity.  I think that the families will give to the other family and will end up getting the one hundred thousand any way but if one family keeps it all they could get two hundred thousand for themselves.  West Virginia Football, Mo Howard would give it all away.

Big Bang ends in a Bang

untitled (11)The season finally of Big Bang Theory ended with a bang.  It broke my heart and left me wanting more.  All of the relationships in the show are in crisis and the end of the show.  We will have to wait till next season to see it fixed or not?  Will there ever be sex for Amy?  Will Leonard ever get Penny to marry him?  Will Rash find true love?  It is killing me.  Come on and stop teasing the audience.  Do you think the writers are just making it up as they go along?  Many a blog  has attempted to predict the end of the series.