Australian Rugby is No Joke!

Sports have a strong presence in the world. Have you noticed how serious people get when sports are involved? Have you noticed how people will do the craziest things to defend someone from talking badly about their favorite teams? Why do you think that is? Many would ponder to day people that are dead serious about sports are living the adventure. It makes sense, really, because after all, two of the most desired things of the soul of every man is to have an adventure to live and a battle to fight.

Sports hold an incredibly high power in Australia as well. People are serious about their football (soccer) and Rugby. That’s the cool thing about Australia; there is a difference in what is considered a popular sport, so it brings to those who are not native to the land, a bit more culture that requires us to brush up on if we hope to fit in. It also grants us the chance to engage in conversation to learn something new.

If you were to ask me what is Rugby, I’d simply tell you it is a sport that is like hockey, mixed with American football, except there’s no ice, no ice skating (obviously) and no sliding a puck along the ground. It’s similar to hockey in the fact that you will get your brain beaten out of you and you have to be tough to play the sport. Oh yeah, rugby players also do not wear pads unlike hockey players who are padded and protected head to toe.