Randi Glazer’s Strategies for Finding the Best Entertainment While Traveling

One of the main reasons we are so naturally drawn to return to those areas we have previously visited relates to the simple comfort that accompanies that which is familiar to us. What we often sacrifice in doing this, as Randi Glazer points out, is the opportunity to engage in wholly unique travel experiences. There is no denying the fact that finding entertainment in an unfamiliar location can be very difficult, but there are several strategies ambitious travelers can utilize in order to ensure they make the most of the time they have in a new place.

Glazer, an experienced traveler who has always enjoyed the thrill of exploring the new and unfamiliar, notes that extroverts will generate the best results by seeking out the assistance of locals. She also recommends that travelers research local culture and custom well in advance of departure, and, if necessary, develop a working knowledge of the language spoken in the region. Obviously, these strategies help make communication in an unfamiliar place that much easier.

Once the traveler has arrived at the destination, simply striking up a conversation with a local is the best way to find the kind of entertainment that makes traveling entirely worthwhile. After all, the whole point of traveling is the opportunity to experience something that is not necessarily all that common to whatever area happens to be home. Glazer also believes that seeking the help of a local will make it much more likely to enjoy a truly authentic travel experience rather than the seemingly manufactured experiences sometimes common to the tourism industry.