Luke Weil Discusses Latest Rumors Regarding the Next James Bond


luke weil bondThe James Bond franchise is truly without peer in terms of both its longevity and the security of its place in popular culture. As the entertainment staple approaches its 25th film, the question of just who will play 007 remains entirely open to speculation. Luke Weil would likely find the factors driving the speculation to be simply fascinating, especially since the range of potential choices has varied so wildly if the rumors are to be believed.

The most recent actor to play 007 is Daniel Craig, and there remains the possibility that he could still return for his fifth film as star of the franchise. While speculation would likely remain somewhat minimal with the incumbent Bond still in the running for the role, experts have been kept guessing by the fact that Craig has signed on for a different role scheduled to be filmed during the same time as the new Bond film. Speculation being what it is, sources refuse to rule out Craig, citing the possibility that Craig may know something about the schedule that outside observers do not.

Craig’s return is not the most significant source of intrigue concerning the next James Bond film, however, as it is instead the names that have been floated as Craig’s potential replacements driving the greatest degree of interest. In addition to the oft-mentioned Idris Elba, both Tom Hiddleston and Gillian Anderson could step into the iconic role in place of Craig. It is far too early to name a frontrunner, but it seems certain that there will continue to be a great deal of fanfare surrounding the selection until it is finally made official.