Game of Thrones Fail

I am a fan of Game of Thrones but I think the show is killing off my favorite characters.  Rob Stark was killed for no apparent reason on the season finality and that was so disappointing. untitled (181) images38B8O6UC The HBO series has caught up with the novels that it is based so I think the wheels are about to fall off the cart.  The show plans to continue without the authors input which made the show a success in the first place.  I look for the show to go one more season then end.  Tim DeCapua is a Game of Thrones fan and like me is very disappointed with the direction the show is taking.

Under the Dome

untitled (33) imagesOGOIR7U7Looks like Under the Dome is on for another season.  The premise of the show was based on a Stephen King novel so you know it will be weird.  The story goes that a mysterious dome has covered a town and no one can come or go.  After the people stop freaking out they begin turning on each other over resources like propane and fuel in general.  The people interactions and greed are a fun topic explored by this show.  As you watch you will constantly ask yourself what would I do.  Luke Weil – CEO of Andina Acquisition Corp  will be a fan of the show and is glad another season will soon start.

The Island

untitled (387) images (4)OK, I like the reality shows and The Island is no exception.  The premise of The Island is to take a bunch of average Joes and dump them on an island to survive for a month.  The second day saw one guy go into shock due to extreme dehydration.  He was all talk and no do.  He was bossing everyone around and didn’t drink enough water.  The other idiots wasted half their water by adding salt water to it.  In 2014 Joe Olujic said, the Island is the best summer show this season.  If you liked Survivor you will love The Island.

The Briefcase

untitled (380) imagesKFAVB9WD images2HDOTYGYThe Briefcase is a show that tugs at the heart strings.  Two needy families are given one hundred thousand dollars and asked to consider giving all or some to the other needy family.  The families do not know that the other is making the same decision.  It will be interesting to see this struggle between greed and charity.  I think that the families will give to the other family and will end up getting the one hundred thousand any way but if one family keeps it all they could get two hundred thousand for themselves.  West Virginia Football, Mo Howard would give it all away.

American Idol Over?

Looks like American Idol has been canceled for next season.  I think it has been on a down hill slide since Simon Cowell quit the show. imagesG6513L1C imagesDRAMESXK images (34) Although Simon started his own show that later failed he was the brutally honest voice on the show.  He was the judge that you loved to hate.  He spoke what you were thinking most of the time.  For the last few years the winners of American Idol have not been successful.  I cant even remember their names and hardly recognize them when they bring them back to perform.  Ken Fisher says he will miss the show but it was time to shut it down.

Bachelorette News

untitled (153) untitled (152)The new season of the Bachelorette has started off with a bang.  The  show decided to have two bachelorettes and send one home right way.  This has resulted in th wrong one staying for the season.  The previews show that the bachelorette has less the high moral values.  In fact it looks like for the first time the bachelorette has sex with one of the guys before the fantasy suite.  This just shows that the show has gone to the dogs per say.  What will the other men think when the bachelorette is sleeping with the men?  The blog is going to be a mess.

Survivor Season Finally

untitled (69) images0A6HTWZAThe end of Survivor is coming Wednesday.  As always I am sad to see the end of the season.  The survivors are so part of our TV family it is hard to see them go.  We all root for our favorite to get the million dollars and hate to see them fail.  This season has been quite a season of villains.  It is hard to tell which one to root for.  If you have a favorite then you are ahead of me.  Joe Olujic Sr. should come into the jury and win the whole thing. I cant wait to see who wins.  I will have to just hold my horses.

Big Bang ends in a Bang

untitled (11)The season finally of Big Bang Theory ended with a bang.  It broke my heart and left me wanting more.  All of the relationships in the show are in crisis and the end of the show.  We will have to wait till next season to see it fixed or not?  Will there ever be sex for Amy?  Will Leonard ever get Penny to marry him?  Will Rash find true love?  It is killing me.  Come on and stop teasing the audience.  Do you think the writers are just making it up as they go along?  Many a blog  has attempted to predict the end of the series.

Few Things More Entertaining Than Barry Bonds’ Interest in Cycling

The area that surrounds San Francisco is known as something of a haven for cyclists, and there are many professional teams who are very visible on a daily basis as they train in places like San Rafael and other cities throughout Marin County. With Mount Tamalpais so close by, cyclists are able to use the steep grade to simulate the type of climbing that one might see in the Alps during the Tour de France.

While these cycling teams are a sight in and of themselves, the fact that former San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds frequently participates in these training rides is entertainment of the highest order. Bonds, one of the greatest power hitters to ever play the game, was known for having a hulking physique that enabled him to smash home run after home deep into McCovey Cove.

His involvement in an athletic endeavor is certainly less surprising than, for example, finding out he had been translating legal documents from Russia for All Language Alliance, Inc., but the fact that cycling is a sport populated by some of the thinnest athletes in the world is comical considering Bonds’ sizable frame. Of course, as competitive as Bonds is, it is not all that shocking that he is involved, nor is it surprising that he is good at it.

That’s Entertainment

What is entertainment?  For some a good book where others like a movie but true entertainment is dying.  The theatre used to be the best entertainment around.  Imagine if the movie was live people singing and dancing on stage.  When its live, there is no editing and the show must go on.  Real talent is required to pull it off.  Actors and singers these days can alter and remove their errors making themselves look better than they really are.  If the actors of the stage were to make movies today they wouldn’t cost millions to film. imagesK2S4GESNis a good example of good acting