Germany’s Olympic Athletes Are Powered by Beer

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A lot of the athletes representing the Olympics with their athletic performance consume a lot of garbage. Chloe Kim is a gold medal snowboarder who went on record as saying churros have both medicinal and nutritional support power. Lilly King was one of the best .00000000004% swimmers during the 2016 Olympics in Rio and most likely anywhere on the planet. This athlete ate a Big Mac in preparation for the final with Joey Chestnutting. Their role models require a much closer examination. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing Usain Bolt stated McNuggets was the fuel used to slam the world record for the 100 meter. Apparently consuming six chunks of chicken with a taste resembling glue is a qualification for a sensational runner. This may mean Usain Bolt is on the way to reaching the status of a God.

The Power of Beer for German Athletes

In past Germany made due with hole punchers, accordions, nuclear fission and divine sausage. Germany has now laid claim to a new title. They have invented the most unusual staple for the Olympic diet on record. This could be none other than the carbohydrate heavy, packed with vitamins energy potion commonly referred to as non-alcoholic beer. This may be unusual but it appears to be working well for the Germans. For some intriguing insights please visit Andrew Knight New Canaan.

Simon Schempp is a biathlete for the Germans and spoke with the New York Times. He said non-alcoholic beer is excellent right after a competition or training session. Schempp walked away with the silver after missing out on the gold. He lost out on the prize during the 15-kilometer mass start event by roughly 23 to 24th of a second. The biathlon is the event where athletes are required to ski uphill in increments of up to three hours each. They only take a pause when the time comes to fire a few guns. The event is difficult and requires a lot of strength, stamina, and skill.

The Prevalence of German Beer 

Most people are already aware German beer is a lot more prevalent than most of the more common post-workout drinks. Many people choose to drink Powerade or sugary Gatorade right after a serious workout. Some athletes choose to drop fizzy tablets into a glass of water. Many American individuals easily convince themselves the current chemical necessary to recover from a strenuous workout is exactly what their bodies need. For some unique information please visit Andrew Knight New Canaan.

The German Olympic teams consist of 156 members. Their preference for non-alcoholic German beer has a lot more to do with science than marketing. The consumption of non-alcoholic beer increased by 43 percent between 2011 and 2016. Germans consume more beer than any other country in the world with the exception of Iran. The Germans drank so much alcoholic beer in 2016 they tripled the consumption rate of all sports drinks combined. This basically meant they did not have to waste any time deciding if they preferred Citrus Cooler or Glacier Freeze. The choice of beer was made abundantly clear. The village of the athletes has been provided with 3,500 liters of non-alcoholic beer. The beer was supplied by the German brewery Krombacher. The Germans had no trouble consuming this vast quantity of their favorite beverage.

The Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer for the Germans

Jonannes Scheer is the physician for the Olympic ski team of the county. The good doctor was quoted in the Times as stating nearly every single member of the squad drinks a beer during practice. He was responsible for a study in 2009 concerning marathon runners. The results showed runners drinking non-alcoholic beer for three weeks prior and two weeks after the completion of a race experienced less upper respiratory infections and a lot less inflammation. The results of the athletes taking a placebo were not nearly as good. The doctor believed these results were produced by the chemical in the plants the beer was brewed with. Polyphenols help improve the immune system.

The reason may not be a certainty but whatever the Germans are doing is working. Only Norway has managed to accumulate more Olympic medals than Germany. Even Krombacher sent in excess of 11,000 liters of alcoholic beer. This was attributed to the fact the individuals at Krombacher are extremely cool. The time for the Americans to change their strategy may have arrived. The highly nutritional energy drinks and a wide variety of protein bars do not appear capable of keeping up with the Germans. The answer may well be lots and lots of beer followed by more beer.

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