Taiwan Dentist Must Repay Mother for Training Fees

Some would say that this story hurts more than a root canal; at least it does for one Taiwan dentist who was hauled into that country’s Supreme Court by his own mother.

Mother Always Knows Best?

According to an item in the BBC, the highest court agreed with the mother, Mrs. Luo, who claims her son has been negligent paying her back after she financed his dental training. According to the woman, her son had broken a written agreement to support her from the proceeds of his dental practice. Mr. Chu was 20-years-old at the time he signed on the dotted line. She was asking the court to enforce the contract that entailed payments of up to a total of $1.7m that she had estimated.

Big Money Is At Stake

The divorced Mrs. Luo had funded both her sons’ education through dental school. The elder son no longer has to worry about the payback because he and his mother ironed out an agreement, and he was able to complete the contract for a lesser amount.

The younger son, Dr. Chu, claims he has already paid his mother $1 million and shouldn’t have to shell out anymore to her. He and his brother have been practicing since 2003.

Dental World Is Watching

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Extraction From The Wallet

Meantime, Dr. Chu has been ordered to pay an “upbringing fee” of more than $754,000, with additional interest. The total award for Mrs. Luo comes out to more than $967,000, reports Fox2TV.

Filial piety and education are extremely important to the Taiwanese culture. For example, filial piety came from the teachings of Confucius. The philosophy describes it as an attitude of obedience and respect for one’s parents and elder family members.

Dr. Chu must honor his legal obligation.