BoldLeads Pushes for Increasingly Unique Approach to TV and Entertainment

BoldLeads home entertainmentBoldLeads provides services that are entirely unique, and these services generate a tremendous benefit for real estate agents who are shrewd enough to recognize the value of utilizing the innovative services available through BoldLeads. In the television and entertainment industry, demand for more unique and innovative programming options is on the rise, yet many of the traditional production companies have been a bit too slow to respond to this rapidly increasing level of demand.

Instead, many of the traditional production companies have been focusing on reboots of previously successful projects while generally avoiding any truly creative or unique projects due to the inherent risk involved in doing so. As a result, many viewers are increasingly turning away from these traditional platforms and finding the venues in which innovative programming options are clearly valued and therefore made available.

Companies like BoldLeads have enjoyed such immense success by always focusing on how to develop new methods for improving the services they offer to the agents they serve, and the entertainment industry would be wise to take a page from the company in this regard. Rather than avoiding the criticism associated with taking a creative risk in entertainment, television production companies have to recognize the nearly limitless value associated with a commitment to innovation. The fact that the industry is clearly lacking in creative risk-taking makes the opportunity even greater since so few others are willing to take the kind of risks that lead to truly game-changing developments.

Luke Weil Discusses Latest Rumors Regarding the Next James Bond


luke weil bondThe James Bond franchise is truly without peer in terms of both its longevity and the security of its place in popular culture. As the entertainment staple approaches its 25th film, the question of just who will play 007 remains entirely open to speculation. Luke Weil would likely find the factors driving the speculation to be simply fascinating, especially since the range of potential choices has varied so wildly if the rumors are to be believed.

The most recent actor to play 007 is Daniel Craig, and there remains the possibility that he could still return for his fifth film as star of the franchise. While speculation would likely remain somewhat minimal with the incumbent Bond still in the running for the role, experts have been kept guessing by the fact that Craig has signed on for a different role scheduled to be filmed during the same time as the new Bond film. Speculation being what it is, sources refuse to rule out Craig, citing the possibility that Craig may know something about the schedule that outside observers do not.

Craig’s return is not the most significant source of intrigue concerning the next James Bond film, however, as it is instead the names that have been floated as Craig’s potential replacements driving the greatest degree of interest. In addition to the oft-mentioned Idris Elba, both Tom Hiddleston and Gillian Anderson could step into the iconic role in place of Craig. It is far too early to name a frontrunner, but it seems certain that there will continue to be a great deal of fanfare surrounding the selection until it is finally made official.

John Ross Jesensky: Entertainment Industry Finding Unique and Unexpected Competition

vote-1278835_960_720Generally speaking, the political primaries during a presidential election season represent a source of daily entertainment for only the most devoted political junkies. In 2016, however, John Ross Jesensky points out that politicians from both sides of the aisle have been a seemingly endless source of entertainment for a much wider segment of the population than one would expect out of a primary season that began with two strong presumptive candidates. Instead, populist and outsider candidates have captured the imaginations of many people who may have never voted before.

Though it is entirely unsustainable for the entertainment industry to continue to be overshadowed by presidential politics, it is nonetheless worth noting just how rare it is for such deep and continuing interest in what is often viewed as a relatively tame process to the typical citizen. So while the entertainment industry will not have to make an adjustment to cater to a sudden political wonkiness among its audience, it is still worth recognizing just how entertaining the candidates, the voters and the issues have been throughout this election cycle so far.

Randi Glazer’s Strategies for Finding the Best Entertainment While Traveling

One of the main reasons we are so naturally drawn to return to those areas we have previously visited relates to the simple comfort that accompanies that which is familiar to us. What we often sacrifice in doing this, as Randi Glazer points out, is the opportunity to engage in wholly unique travel experiences. There is no denying the fact that finding entertainment in an unfamiliar location can be very difficult, but there are several strategies ambitious travelers can utilize in order to ensure they make the most of the time they have in a new place.

Glazer, an experienced traveler who has always enjoyed the thrill of exploring the new and unfamiliar, notes that extroverts will generate the best results by seeking out the assistance of locals. She also recommends that travelers research local culture and custom well in advance of departure, and, if necessary, develop a working knowledge of the language spoken in the region. Obviously, these strategies help make communication in an unfamiliar place that much easier.

Once the traveler has arrived at the destination, simply striking up a conversation with a local is the best way to find the kind of entertainment that makes traveling entirely worthwhile. After all, the whole point of traveling is the opportunity to experience something that is not necessarily all that common to whatever area happens to be home. Glazer also believes that seeking the help of a local will make it much more likely to enjoy a truly authentic travel experience rather than the seemingly manufactured experiences sometimes common to the tourism industry.

Australian Rugby is No Joke!

Sports have a strong presence in the world. Have you noticed how serious people get when sports are involved? Have you noticed how people will do the craziest things to defend someone from talking badly about their favorite teams? Why do you think that is? Many would ponder to day people that are dead serious about sports are living the adventure. It makes sense, really, because after all, two of the most desired things of the soul of every man is to have an adventure to live and a battle to fight.

Sports hold an incredibly high power in Australia as well. People are serious about their football (soccer) and Rugby. That’s the cool thing about Australia; there is a difference in what is considered a popular sport, so it brings to those who are not native to the land, a bit more culture that requires us to brush up on if we hope to fit in. It also grants us the chance to engage in conversation to learn something new.

If you were to ask me what is Rugby, I’d simply tell you it is a sport that is like hockey, mixed with American football, except there’s no ice, no ice skating (obviously) and no sliding a puck along the ground. It’s similar to hockey in the fact that you will get your brain beaten out of you and you have to be tough to play the sport. Oh yeah, rugby players also do not wear pads unlike hockey players who are padded and protected head to toe.

Kion Kashefi Supports Hands-On Education Projects

As we all know, entertainment is business and probably is or isn’t the biggest business in the world. However, sometimes business is entertainment, too, but in order to get into this ever-growing entertainment business, you’ll need a BS in Business and Entertainment. Sheesh, it seems like you need a piece of documentation to do anything now these days, doesn’t it? I do miss the simpler times.

Anyone can get the BS in Business Entertainment through taking a business and entertainment program which will give students knowledge and understanding of basic business skills such as accounting, management, marketing, business strategy and more. Kion Kashefi talks about this on his website and highly encourages business education through the use of such programs to give students a real hands-on “at work” experience.

Students enrolled in the business and entertainment program have said to learn more about their field of interest within the entertainment industry. “The key is to practice, practice, practice,” said Kion Kashefi. “The more practice they do, the more they learn and the better they will be at working their dreams. Their future is ours and that’s why I support hands-on programs such as this.”

Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit is on The Case!

We have been hearing about the troubling position famous actor Bill Cosby has gotten into over the past year. A judge has recently said that Bill Cosby may be found innocent, which would e a sudden change of events and Cosby gives his relationship with Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit the credit for the big turn around.

Las Vegas Court Judge Dawn Kruz ordered that the plaintiffs lawyers should give an oath for Cosby and lawyer Stephen E. Smith before Nov. 20th.

It also seems that this isn’t the first lawsuit against comedian Bill Cosby as there are several! Smith has defended Cosby through this current case and Cosby has not been on trial for any of the accusations.

Needless today, it appears things in the court are getting serious and only time will tell what series of events take place and how the defendant makes it out.

Game of Thrones Fail

I am a fan of Game of Thrones but I think the show is killing off my favorite characters.  Rob Stark was killed for no apparent reason on the season finality and that was so disappointing. untitled (181) images38B8O6UC The HBO series has caught up with the novels that it is based so I think the wheels are about to fall off the cart.  The show plans to continue without the authors input which made the show a success in the first place.  I look for the show to go one more season then end.  Tim DeCapua is a Game of Thrones fan and like me is very disappointed with the direction the show is taking.

Under the Dome

untitled (33) imagesOGOIR7U7Looks like Under the Dome is on for another season.  The premise of the show was based on a Stephen King novel so you know it will be weird.  The story goes that a mysterious dome has covered a town and no one can come or go.  After the people stop freaking out they begin turning on each other over resources like propane and fuel in general.  The people interactions and greed are a fun topic explored by this show.  As you watch you will constantly ask yourself what would I do.  Luke Weil – CEO of Andina Acquisition Corp  will be a fan of the show and is glad another season will soon start.

The Island

untitled (387) images (4)OK, I like the reality shows and The Island is no exception.  The premise of The Island is to take a bunch of average Joes and dump them on an island to survive for a month.  The second day saw one guy go into shock due to extreme dehydration.  He was all talk and no do.  He was bossing everyone around and didn’t drink enough water.  The other idiots wasted half their water by adding salt water to it.  In 2014 Joe Olujic said, the Island is the best summer show this season.  If you liked Survivor you will love The Island.