Are Queen Naija and Chris Sails on the Brink of a Divorce or Are They Pulling a Publicity Stunt?

YouTube has become the new platform for users to showcase their talents and drama. This is the reason celebrities, artists, musicians and social media personalities have chosen the platform as an avenue for attracting more followers and enhancing their popularity. YouTube stars Queen Naija and Christopher Sails recently experienced a much-publicized breakup that has kept the tongues wagging, both inside and outside of YouTube. According to showbiz, gossip website, the news of the breakup was permeated by accusations of cheating, some of which the actors broadcasted to their followers over a series of videos. The gist of the accusation was revelations that Chris cheated on her wife, Queen Sails. In a show of annoyance, Queen Naija went on to compose a song titled “Medicine”, where she indirectly castigates Chris’s betrayal.

The hit song was released in December 2017 and has since attracted the attention of thousands of You Tubers. Before the breakup, the YouTube power couple rose to fame by video-blogging on the popular Chris and Queen Channel that boasts over 2.6 million subscribers. Queen is also a fast-rising singer, prankster, and a storyteller. The news of Sail cheating was widely covered by, where Chris admitted to messing around with females because he wasn’t happy with the turn of events his relationship with Queen was taking. He added that it was difficult to have people track his every move and see his relationship as nothing but a well-scripted series of life goals. Chris also acknowledged that thousands of adoring fans, who looked up to him and Queen as true role models will be greatly disappointed by the fallout. In spite of the admission, Chris is apologetic to Queen, whom he hopes will give him a second chance. Chris followed the admission by posting a video on the couple’s channel repeating the same sentiments.

Queen promptly responded with her own vlog confirming her husband’s cheating and requested fans to give her some time out, to clear her mind. Queen remained calm for the most part but questioned her husband’s motive. She wondered why Chris could leave a beautiful woman like her to go out cheating with women she calls “fakes”. One of the ladies caught in the triangle, a Miss Hehleena Million admitted to moving with Chris. Hehleena posted her own video saying she did not know Chris was married and believed Queen was simply a baby mama. According to, Chris grew up in Michigan and started dating Queen in 2013 after the lovebirds met at a basketball game. Queen remained married to Christopher Sails until 2017 when they decided to part ways. They have a son by the name Chris. Besides Chris Sails, there have been other highly publicized cases of infidelity in the YouTube World, notably by Shay Carl, Onision and Austin Null.

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